We made it!  Everything has gone without problems or snags.  We are glad to say all of us made it and we are very thankful for your prayers.  NO ONE was stopped by customs and all our meds made it through without questions.  The flights were uneventful, and smooth for the most part.  We have had our first devotions together and worship.  The weather here at the base is calm and cool as we look forward to a good night sleep as we will get our day started at 5:30am tomorrow as we head to La Reina to build our homes.  Please pray for a good day of work tomorrow before the rains come again for the day.  The roads in to the base are ruddy and broken, but the vans have made it, i can only imagine how the roads even in the more remote areas will compare.  Your prayers and our Lord will get us through.  Posted by Brandon

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Hello world!

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